Saturday, October 27, 2012

Thank-you for a Great Season.

Jenny and I got the garden cleaned up today with help from Ian, Cedar, and Hudson. We left in kale and lettuce so please help yourselves. 

Thanks to Yvonne for the tomatoes - they continue to be awesome. We couldn't have done the weeding without all your help: Laura, Max, Hannah, Christina, Ian, Pat, Noah, Roberta, LuraLee, Hudson, and Cedar. Thanks to Kevin and Nancy for watering. And thanks also to Joe and the Village at Brookline/WinnResidential for the use of their fence-line without whom we wouldn't have a garden

As always, feedback is welcome, as are suggestions and donations for 2013. (We are looking for a new hose reel in 2013)

Peas and lovage.

p.s. Tomatillo salsa is awesome. Next time I will use all the jalapenos! 

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