Friday, September 7, 2012

Sunday Workday

Hello 200' Gardeners - the days are getting shorter (and this week they were wetter). Tuesday night got rained out before we could finish. Come on out this Sunday, September the 9, at 2 pm, for some more garden fun.We have tomatoes, cucumbers, kale, very spicy arugula, basil, and beans!! Hope to see you soon.

p.s. I forgot to give photo credits this week to H. Kennedy.

September in the Garden

As a newcomer to Brookline and the 200’ Garden, we have enjoyed getting to know our neighbors. We get tons of compliments and comments whenever we are out weeding, watering, and simply walking by. But not everything we hear is positive. Last week I was reprimanded because the tomatoes were not getting large. I tried to explain that we only (mostly) planted cherry tomatoes. The same person was upset about the small (pickling) cucumbers. Another person last week was upset that we picked a couple of small eggplant and told me that they were "too small". But by and large, what we hear is positive. It’s great to pass by and see people harvesting some veggies, to be told that their son found another cucumber. We even get people’s phone numbers. Here are just a few things people have said to us:

“This garden is my favorite part of summer”.

“My child only eats vegetables out of this garden".

“Thank-you so much for doing this. I don’t know why you do it. You’re a nicer person than I am.”

After a short visit, two people have said, “Hey, I just met you, this is crazy, but here’s my number, call me maybe.” 

Is it odd that two people are called “Maybe”?