Sunday, June 2, 2013

Arugula with a message

The 2013 Garden Season is in full swing! I have lots of good news and some less good news to share. Good news goes first.

Thank-you to Bountiful Brookline for the seeds. Seedlings are on my porch and ready to go in.
Special thanks to Valerie and the GreenThumb Growers at 99 Kent! The greenhouse is bursting at the seams  and they've provide dozens of plants that are in the garden already.

The spicy arugula from 2012 self seeded and it's doing fantastic. It needs to be harvested. Take your scissors and cut it right at the base. Help yourself but be warned, it's got some kick.

The chives are doing great! Those too can be harvested anytime and they will keep growing. Bring your scissors and cut 1/2" from the ground.

WWW: Waterers and Weeders Welcome
We need your help! The garden needs weeding and watering. Tomatoes need staking.

July 1st, my family is moving to Maryland. That means we are losing 4 critical volunteers. If you were waiting for the right time to step in and get your hands dirty, now is the time! If you didn't like the shape the garden was going and you want to change things, now is the time. If you want to coordinate volunteers but don't want to get dirty, now is the time. Feedback on the 200'Garden is wonderful. Tons of passers by compliment the gardeners whenever we are out. It would be wonderful to keep the garden in tip-top shape. Please email me if you want to help or take charge.

Email to follow shortly as we'll be setting up a regular weeding-watering night.