Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Season winding down

We're at the tail end of three days of rain.  (Where was all that rain when we needed it, this summer?)  But the temperatures continue to be fairly mild, and I don't see any frost in the 10-day forecast for Boston.  So the garden will continue to stay green for a few more weeks.  The greens will keep growing and will actually like this cool weather, especially the dinosaur kale.  The peas I planted got a bit fried by the hot, dry weather a few weeks ago, so I don't think they're going to produce.  There are still a few rogue cucumber vines that are still alive (especially the ones climbing in the maple trees), but we won't see any cucumbers from them.  The same is true for the summer squash plants.  We still have some green tomatoes on the bushes, but I don't think they're likely to ripen very much, though I saw an orange cherry tomato there yesterday.  I'm curious to see if the rain followed by some sun and slightly warm weather might give us a boost in a few of the plants. 

I'll try to post some photos soon, once the rain finally starts. 

I found out that the building complex has a new property manager, so we'll see what impact that has on the project.  Too soon to say.