Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Last Cucumber of 2010

On Sunday, Noah, Tracy, and I headed over to the garden to start the end of season cleanup.  The clumps of tomato and tomatillo plants were still green and alive, though the weather's too cold for the tomatoes to ripen.  We took down some of the tomato plants and pulled old vines off the fence, until we ran out of bags.

I was surprised to find a few more mini-eggplants still on the plants.  We also picked some green tomatoes (there are still some out there, if you're interested).  The biggest surprise, however, came when I started pulling down the cucumber vines that had grown up into the maple trees by the garden.  At the end of one vine, was a big cucumber, probably 8-10 inches long, and still good.  We had it for dinner last night, and it was delicious.

We'll head out again in another two weeks, with more bags this time, and pick up the autumn leaves and take down the rest of the tomatoes and most of other plants.  The dinosaur kale still looks good and should make it all the way until Thanksgiving.

My son, Noah, should win a special award this year--he came to the garden to help probably as much or more than anyone else (and often willingly).