Wednesday, June 22, 2011

good stuff

We had a great work day yesterday.  The weather was perfect and the work went quickly, with Keff, Nathan, Tracy, Noah, and me all hard at work.  We weeded, watered, planted a couple tomatoes and marigolds, and we also thinned out the chard, kale, and mustard greens.  The mustard greens sprouted really well, and we picked a big bag that we split up between us.  I had them in a salad for dinner tonight, and they were delicious.  Incredibly tender and mild, and taste just like the start of summer to me.  Noah picked more than 200 snow pea pods, and I'm sure between altogether we picked well over a pound.  We brought more than half a pound home with us, and with the rain we're getting, there will be plenty more (as long as we keep them picked) on the vines soon.  The pea plants are reaching high above the top of the fence, as tall as my head now.

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