Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Good news (we have water)

Our planting day on Saturday went well, though planning a work day on Memorial Day weekend might not be the wisest move, if we want lots of hands.  Noah and Keff helped haul seedlings and water, while Tracy and I planted 46 tomato and tomatillo plants, followed by lots and lots of seeds.

The bad news was that we couldn't get any water from the outdoor spigot, so we had to fill watering cans from the bathroom in the main building.  This meant that we couldn't water the seeds, just the seedlings, and just enough to keep them alive in the hot dry weather.

We watered the tomatoes every day this weekend, from the bathroom sink, and felt we could skip watering yesterday, since it wasn't quite so hot.

Today was hot and sunny again.  We thought we'd get a storm around 6pm, but it blew by with lots of thunder and lightning, but no water.  So Tracy and I went over to water, and discovered that the spigot had been fixed.  Having water was excellent news--we brought out a hose caddy that we found in the greenhouse and a new 100' hose that I bought on Monday.  With various other hoses connected, we were able to get water all the way to the first 30 feet of the garden.  We'll still need the watering cans, but the whole task will go much faster now (we don't need to use the wagon anymore).

(Of course since we watered, a second storm has blown through, with rain this time.)

Equally exciting was the fact that, despite the lack of water, the cucumbers, mustard greens, and dinosaur kale had already started to sprout (just 4 days after planting--the soil was quite warm this past week). And the snow peas are now blooming.  Now that we can water a lot easier, I think we can have a better harvest than ever. 

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