Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Worm Tea Party

Last night we had lots of folks on hand to help prepare and feed worm tea to all the seedlings in the greenhouse.  Thanks so much to Keff, Allison, Mike, Jen, Leslie, Tova, Noah, and Alexis (who has also taken some fabulous photos that she's put up on Facebook) for helping pick worms from the pile of castings (thus saving them to do more useful work), and straining and watering and washing.  It was a lot of fun, and the plants will benefit enormously.  The upcoming weather looks pretty cruddy, so the seedlings might be in the greenhouse for another week or two, and they need nutrition.

Worms are our friends.  Really.  Mike, Allison, and Jen help sort them out.

Tova enjoyed the hunt for red wrigglers.  Noah wasn't so sure.

Keff and Jen finish prepping a batch of tea.

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  1. Tell us more about Worm Tea, how it's made, why it's good, etc!