Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Planting Day Thurdsay, May 20, at 5:30pm

We're going to try to get as many cucumbers in the ground as possible tomorrow afternoon/evening.  We'll be meeting at 5:30pm at the garden (I might be there a little earlier), to plant, plant, plant.  Warm weather is finally about to return and the seedlings need to get out of the greenhouse.

The plants that are in the ground seem to be doing well.  The peas are starting to attach themselves to the fence now, and the poles beans are just starting to do the same.  I saw the first collard seeds sprouting today--these were the ones planted by the first graders who came for a visit.

We have TONS of plants to get in the ground tomorrow, so if you're around and want to help, I hope you'll stop by.  (Bring a trowel if you have one.

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