Saturday, April 17, 2010

Successful Repotting Today

Our dedicated crew worked hard in the greenhouse today, repotting several hundred seedlings.  Despite the chilly temps in the greenhouse (about 50), we had Allison, Keff, Jenn, Alexis, Nathan, Tracy, and Noah (when we could get him away from the Ninentdo DS and the piano) working hard to give our seedlings a little growing room.

It looks like we've got another two nights of pretty cold weather, with temps in the 30s, and there are too many plants to move now, so we've just got to hope the heater can keep the temps from dipping too low.  After Monday, I think we should have pretty clear sailing, weather-wise.  I'm going to be gone all week, but our greenhouse team of Keff, Jeff, Allison, and Nathan will have everything under control.

Here are a few photos from today:

You can see we've mostly filled the benches:  (here Alexis, Jenn and Allison are working hard)

It was a gloomy, cold day (even in the greenhouse, but we had fun anyway). Here are Tracy and Keff.  You can see the blue tarp we've got up, now that a big part of the roof blew off.  It kept us dry and seems to be keeping the plants just warm enough.

Nathan hard at work:

Full Benches (we had to leave one patch blank, because there was cold water running off the traps covering the hole in the roof):

Now let's just hope all the plants make it through the next few days of cool weather.

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