Friday, April 2, 2010

Game On! (the seeds are sprouting)

So some of what we did last weekend in the greenhouse must have worked, because yesterday morning the seeds started to sprout.  We have chard, cucumbers, thyme, oregano, and even a winter squash, all starting to grow.

Now comes the tricky part, trying to make sure we don't fry them in the greenhouse.  Once the sun is up, it really bakes in there.  The good news is that we have two residents of the apartment complex keeping a close eye on it, and Allison and I both get over there.  But yesterday temps peaked as high as 109, for short while.  We won't be able to have that happen very often.  I think we can pull this off, but it's going to take constant vigilance.

I went over there twice yesterday, because I just couldn't resist seeing the new plants again in the afternoon.  Hard to believe that in about 4-5 weeks, we'll be putting all these in the ground.  I think it'll be both a very short and very long time to wait.

Here are the first chard sprouts:

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