Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tomorrow We Dig

Tomorrow, from 8am - 12 pm, we'll be pulling weeds and putting in the vegetable seedlings. I think we should have at least 6 people there working, maybe a bit more. We've got a rough plan that should help things move smoothly, and I've worked up a planting map, so we know what needs to be planted more.

It'll take a while to hack out the weeds in 200 feet of garden, but with enough hands it'll go quickly (I hope). We have 90 plants to get in the ground:
10 Tatume Squash
23 Blue Lake Pole Beans
5 Scarlet Runner Pole Beans
8 Lemon Apple Cucumbers
38 Market 87 Cucumbers
6 Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans

plus we'll plant an additional 100-150 seeds, to fill in.

The weather should be good, so that's a plus. We've got signs (thanks to the fabulous Kate Rhodes and her cousin), and I know the water works (though we have to haul it, one watering can at a time at the moment).

There will be some surprises, I'm sure. We'll see what they are tomorrow.

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