Friday, July 24, 2009

New Beans Have Sprouted

We had extremely hard rain last night and this morning, enough to flood parts of the Muddy River near our house. Our 200 Foot Garden is on high ground, but I did wonder if how our plants would handle the deluge.

I checked them out around noon, just as the rain stopped and it looks like they all made it through pretty well. Some of the cucumber plants look a little beaten up, but they'll recover. The mulch made a huge difference in terms of keeping the soil in place.

And, even better, a whole lot of the bean seeds have sprouted. I'd realized late last night that I didn't check to make sure that the new mulch wasn't too heavily covering the seeds we planted. The beans are strong enough to push through, but I went along pulled back some of the mulch so the less muscular cucumber seedlings will be able to push their way through. It looks like both Scarlet Runner and Kentucky Wonder seeds have sprouted. If we can get a few warm days with sun, they'll be catching up the the plants we put in no time.

(you can just barely see the new sprouts to the left of the bean plant)


  1. Congrats on getting the garden going and the sprouts! Great to see the photos.

    I just saw this related project in Toronto to claim unusual spaces for green stuff. Enjoy -

  2. Thanks, Ryan. And thanks for the Toronto story--very interesting. I love the concept of it and wish there were more photos of them with the plants all in place. Too bad, though, that it's such a short-lived installation. Part of the fun thing of working with plants is watching them grow for a while and seeing the visuals evolve over time.