Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Fence is Complete

The new fence is all done and it looks great. It's not as tall as I thought it'd be--it's just standard height. The poles I saw yesterday must have been cut down. Moving the fence back to the retaining wall changes the whole sidewalk experience, very much for the better. It also really, really wants me to be able to plant the entire strip of ground, not just along the fence. Cathy Neal of Bountiful Brookline thought an herb garden would be a good idea, and I completely agree. It'd smell great and be a great sensory addition to what we're doing. Maybe I'll be able to sell the property management on the idea of a perennial herb garden (rosemary, lavender, creeping thyme, sage, and more). Still, one thing at a time--we need to get the vertical garden planted first.

After walking the site this morning, my original idea of just hacking out the weeds in spots where we were planting doesn't seem quite so smart anymore. I think we'll need to clear the at least the fence half of the entire strip on Sunday--so 200 ft x 1 ft. We'd better make sure we bring lots of hoes and shovels and strong arms.

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  1. What a great idea! I wish we could be there Sunday to help out, but we'll keep an eye on the schedule to see where we can do something in the future. One thing you should know, if you haven't noticed if you pass by the area at dusk, there is a population of cottontails that frequents there. They will be the most excited that a garden will be growing in place of the crabgrass and ragweed!