Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First Work Day of 2011: Saturday, April 9, 10am-Noon

It's time for us get back to work at the 200 Foot Garden.  I just placed an order for three yards of compost, which should be here Friday morning.  On Saturday, we'll gather at the garden from 10am-noon, to spread that compost out along the garden and turn it into the ground, so the soil can be ready for planting.  (We may even plant some snow pea seeds.)

If you can make it, we can definitely use your help.

One other thing to consider--we do need help in paying for the garden this year.  We received a generous donation from the management at 99 Kent Street, as well as from some other neighbors, which will cover the cost of the seeds and some of the supplies.  But the compost delivery will cost about $150, and we'll spend another $70-$85 this season on hoses and tools.  If you feel like making a donation, look at the right hand column of this blog--there's a "donate" button there that allows people to contribute.  Every little bit helps.

I hope we'll see some of you this Saturday.  Thanks very much for your support of the garden in the past.  We've got lots of exciting plantings coming up soon.

The seed orders have arrived, so I'm hoping to get some of those started in trays this weekend, and then we'll start looking for volunteers with sunny windows to help plant-sit them until they're ready to go in the ground.

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