Friday, April 8, 2011

Compost is Here

Our three yards of compost arrived today.  This is something we'll need to do, year after year, because the soil is fairly poor, and we take a lot out of it every season.  We'll be moving the compost onto the garden tomorrow morning (Saturday), from 10am-Noon.  We've just got one wheelbarrow, but plenty of shovels for turning the compost into the soil.

(I already got a head start on shoveling this morning, because part of the pile was blocking the driveway, so I had to move it.  Gave me a good excuse to get out in the sunshine.  I also had a chance to trim the trees by the garden a little, so we won't bump our heads on the branches, and we'll get a tiny bit more morning sun on those blocks.)

And here's how the garden looks in early April.  Not much now, but just wait a couple months.

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