Monday, December 6, 2010

Final work day of 2010

On Saturday, we got a little bit of sun and a few hours of slightly warmer weather for our last work day.  Actually, our work day (for me, Nathan, and Tracy) only lasted about 45 minutes, because by now most of the remaining plants were completely dried out and there weren't too many leaves to collect (I imagine they blew away). 

The really good news was that we actually harvested a few greens from the garden, for a final harvest.  We were able to pick a handful of chard leaves, and a couple dinosaur kale leaves.  There were two tomatillos still buried in the husks of their bushes, too. We left the green plants, the chard and kale, to see how much longer they'll stay alive.

Here is Nathan picking a little chard (it probably finally froze last night):

and Tracy with the wagon and bags of leaves (and Noah with his scooter).  It all looks so brown and bare now, but we'll have it plenty green by May/June.

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