Friday, December 3, 2010

Last work day of 2010, Saturday, December 4 (and good news for 2011)

I know it's December, which is not exactly a month that conjures thoughts of gardening, but every garden needs a little bit of tending before winter truly descends.  Tomorrow (Saturday) from 11am - noon, we'll be at the garden, pulling out old plants and bagging leaves.  It shouldn't take us very long, but an extra hand or two will make it go even faster.

As some of you know, the Village at Brookline, which owns the property on which the 200 Foot Garden sits, got a new property manager, Joe, this fall.  I met with him earlier this week, and he's fully supportive of the project continuing.  So the garden will continue to grow for at least another year.  The roof on the greenhouse has already been repaired, and Joe is checking into the possibility of installing a ventilation fan that would make it possible for us to more effectively use the greenhouse in the spring (without a new fan, the greenhouse is actually not usable for us anymore). 

Thanks to all the folks who have supported and helped the garden this year.  This winter will offer us some chance to reflect on what changes to make for next year and to start studying seed catalogs when they start to arrive in the new year.  I hope to see some of you tomorrow and very much look forward to working with you next spring when it'll be time to start the seeds for the third year of the 200 Foot Garden.

(P.S.  Our main source of funding for seeds and fertilizer is our own pockets.  If you want to help us pay for seeds for next year's garden, you can hit the donate button on the right.  Every little bit helps.  Thanks!)

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  1. This is such a wonderful, intelligent project! I was just thinking the other day about how creative people (writers, artists, graphic designers etc) are taking really active steps in creatively tackling sustainable living.
    I love community gardens, but this one is so novel and in the public eye that it takes the cake!