Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rain, Rain, Rain

We had a quiet work day last Wednesday, with just me and Noah there.  We've been watering a lot lately, to try to keep the plants alive despite the drought we've been having.

I did finally come to understand why we aren't seeing many ripe tomatoes--people are picking them green to fry them.  I bumped into a woman picking some, and got reports of other people doing so, too.  Which is fine.  But I wish they'd leave some to ripen all the way, just so we could have a little bright red on the wall of green.

The eggplants are starting to develop nicely.  And the cucumbers are struggling along, despite being decimated by powdery mildew.  We've picked off a lot of crispy, powdery leaves, but really got started too late.

The good news is that the drought has given way to some serious rain.  It's rained a lot over the past two days and is likely to rain more tomorrow.  It'd be nice if it'd get spaced out a little, instead of all at once, but I think it's likely to help the plants get through the next few weeks a lot better.  Plus, the peas that I planted on Saturday should sprout a lot easier now.

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