Sunday, August 29, 2010

more watering, more picking

Noah and I watered today, trying to beat the heat, as we start another heat wave with 4 days predicted to be above 90 degrees.  The water we had last week was great, but we're back to drought again, with no serious rain in the 10-day forecast.  Lucky thing we have a couple weekend team people still on board, plus our Monday team, plus our Wednesday workdays.

We did pick a bunch of green beans, two lovely lemon-apple cucumbers, two stunted lemon cucumbers (which I ate anyway, on the spot, and were just the snack I needed), and a lovely pickling cucumber.  Oh, and an actual red tomatoes.  A small brandywine tomato had escaped detection from all passersby, as well as all the folks who keep picking the tomatoes green (please, please, please let some turn red).

We were out there for a while, but people weren't very chatty today.  Usually, people stop to comment or ask questions, but today people were trying to beat the heat, I guess, or thinking about the start of school.

The eggplants are looking good.  The fruit actually is starting to look like eggplant now, which is exciting.  And the snow peas that I planted have sprouted.  I'm considering planting more, but I'm waiting for the cucumbers to definitely quit, and they don't quite seem ready to give up the ghost yet.

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  1. There is no doubt that dealing with heat is one of the most difficult steps in agriculture. As they say - the man plans and God laughs. Sometimes we are planning to water the garden at regular intervals, but suddenly the weather changes drastically