Thursday, September 24, 2009

Still Going Strong

I watered again today and could probably stand to do it again very, very soon. We continue to be short on rain. It's been so dry these past four weeks. Earlier in the week, we trimmed off some of the old leaves reduced to crispy-yuckiness by powdery mildew and drought, but most of the plants are still growing strong. Gave away four cucumbers this morning and ate a couple green beans (along with my friend Jessica, from NYC, who also enjoyed a cucumber). I need to get back to pick beans very soon before they get too big. There are still quite a few green cukes on the fence, and I also found a small tatume squash and a tiny lemon apple cucumber. As long as the weather stays moderate, we'll continue to have a lot of cukes growing and getting picked. If we get lucky, we might get some rain on Sunday, which will do the most towards keeping us going for another few weeks.

On Sunday, Tracy and I are off to visit a real farm near Amherst, MA, that's growing grain and beans. We're supposed to help sew grain bags. I'm eager to see the farm and talk to the farmers about how they get it all done.


  1. Please be aware that, in spite of the name, lemon cucumbers (or lemon apple cucumbers) are best if picked when still green in color, just like all other cucumbers. Cucumbers turn yellow, or sometimes orangish, when the seeds have matured (in other words, they're ripe) Great for seed saving; not so much for eating.

  2. Interesting, ours have been pale yellow from the start and were never green. Maybe it's the soil. But I see what you mean about picking them early, before they get too big (though in our garden, nothing gets very big).