Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yes, We Have Sharing (of Tomatoes)

The 200 Foot Garden has shared its first vegetables already! I got this e-mail today from a woman who stopped by the garden with her ten-year-old daughter.

I read the Tab article a few weeks ago and my daughter and I have driven past a few times on our way home.

Sunday, we went for a bike ride and she was excited to be able to stop and check out each plant! She picked 2 red tomatoes (well, almost red, but they ripened a few days later!) and tried her best to re tie the tomato plant and get it through the fence as it was sagging a bit!

Thanks for the interactive garden and we look forward to checking it out some more this summer!


One thing I like about this project is the way it can involve young gardeners in a low-key way. I'm thrilled that we're already sharing garden produce with people passing by as part of their normal day. (Thanks to Cathy Neal of Bountiful Brookline for donating those tomato plants on our planting day.)

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