Friday, August 21, 2009

First Cucumber

The garden is continuing to thrive. There are tons of bean, cucumber, and squash blossoms. Tons of tiny little cucumbers are starting to grow. And even a few round fruit--either Tatume Squash or Lemon Apple Cucumbers--are starting to from. In poking through the leaves, I found one cucumber that was a few inches long and ready to pick. So I did. (And it was delicious.)

I'm not counting on harvesting much for our family out of the 200 Foot Garden. The idea is share all of this with everyone. But I won't complain if we do end up getting a few things to taste (and cook).

I need to look for a basket to attach to the fence for excess vegetables that should be picked but we still want to share with passersby. Though I'd prefer for people to pick their own. Part of the fun of a garden like this searching through the wide leaves of these plants and finding a surprise.


  1. That's a good looking cucumber. Nice work.

  2. Thanks, Joel. The garden is growing extremely well. Lots more on the way.