Saturday, August 20, 2011

It even looks good

The other day, Keff and I were harvesting from the 200 Foot Garden, and he put together this basket from what we picked, to give to the folks who own and manage the property that we use, as a way of saying thanks (and to show them that we really do produce veggies from little speck of land).

Now the tatume squash are all about done, but cucumbers are still producing, and the tomatoes are teasing us.  There are hundreds of them, waiting to turn red.  We just need a little bit more patience.  (Though there are some ripe yellow perfection tomatoes in there, if you hunt a little.)  The Matt's Wild Cherry tomatoes are turning red, but getting picked so fast, I almost never even see them orange.

The watermelon vines are longer than we've ever seen, but no fruit yet.  I don't know if we'll see any or not.  Maybe next year.

The basil and chard and kale seems to be getting picked regularly, which is good.  They like it.


  1. The Tatume & cucumbers were a hit in the
    leasing office!(minus the basket) I've become a quick fan of
    of the Dinosaur Kale- a deep- green color, rich in calcium & flavor ;) C'mon tomatoes!

  2. So glad you liked them. The greens are still going strong and won't mind this cold snap. The tomatoes have been getting picked super fast, there aren't many left, and I haven't seen a red one for a long time. People watch them like hawks.